scaffolding awareness trainingThis course is designed to provide the participant with comprehensive knowledge about scaffolding system requirements that are presently being used in the construction industry. This course has been developed for the industry as an awareness course and within the compliance requirements of CSA Z797-09 Code of practice for access scaffold for end users so that those who work around scaffolds are familiar with requirements of the Alberta OH&S Act, Regulation and Code in addition to best industry practices.


Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  • Describe terms commonly used within the scaffold industry;
  • Identify and review applicable OH&S legislation relating to the worksite and scaffolding systems;
  • Identify safe working conditions of the jobsite prior to use of any scaffold system;
  • Identify hazards that must be considered when erecting, using or dismantling scaffold systems;
  • Identify, describe and inspect the common components associated with scaffold systems; and
  • Describe safe erection guidelines and common practices associated with the use of scaffold systems.


  • Increased compliance with scaffold use in the workplace;
  • Reduced risk of falls with understanding of scaffold requirements;
  • This program meets government requirements;
  • Standardization and Recognition of training;
  • Safer workplace;

While this course is directed primarily at the construction industry and the topics discussed provide the fundamental knowledge required for the development and implementation of an effective element in a health and safety program, other employers in the province of Alberta have used this information as the building blocks to development of their own health and safety program.

Course fees for ACSA accredited programs are determined based on membership status with the Alberta Construction Safety Association and it is recommended that an associate membership be acquired by non-members. As course materials are ordered in the name of the organization requesting training, it is recommended that training be booked no less than three weeks in advance. Although dates for group training may be arranged prior to ensure availabliity of an instructor, all ACSA course specials must be booked and invoiced through the ASCA.